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Dear Voters,

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the site for my campaign to become an Independent Councillor for West Fife & The Coastal Villages.

Unlike most standing in the 2017 council elections, I have decided to stand as an Independent. I have done this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, while my politics align with different parties at different points, they do not align in certain key areas and as a consequence, I do not hold membership of any party for that reason.

Secondly, I have long been an advocate of elected representatives doing the Job they were actually voted to do, namely representing their local constituents first and always, putting them before the government organisation and before any party political agenda. All too often we see elected representatives reneging on pledges they have made because their party expects it of them.

First and foremost, an elected representative, regardless of what position they hold, has a duty to represent those who elected them, particularly in instances where the local needs go against the party line.

As an independent candidate for West Fife & Coastal Villages, I have the flexibility and the freedom to vote on matters at council level which are in the best interests of each of you and to be directed by public influence and engagement rather than partisan politics.

All too often, in my view, politicians talk about being in power and governing. To me governing is not about being in power, it is about listening to what your constituents are saying and acting according to their wishes. It is my firm belief that being a councillor is first and foremost a position of representation, not one of being in power. Being elected to office is a great responsibility but more importantly, it is a privilege bestowed on a person by the electorate.

I have always believed that those in elected office should be open and accountable to those who elected them in the first instance and fundamentally the electorate have the right to remove and replace them if they fail to meet the standards to which the electorate believes they should be living up to.

It is my intention to stand for all the residents of West Fife and Coastal Villages, not just as a councillor, not just as a representative, but as a person who lives here, a person who 16 years ago made the villages his home, who was welcomed here and who has a stake in the success of our shared area.

I understand that many of you will be seeking to vote for the parties that you have supported in the past and will continue to support in the future, but council elections are not First Past The Post like Westminster elections. This is why I am asking that when you go to the polls in may, by all means, vote for the party you support, but vote for me next so that our area can have, not just party representatives but also an Independent who puts West Fife and the Coastal Villages first always.


Your Voice Always | West Fife & Coastal Villages

Independent Candidate, West Fife & Coastal Villages,


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