Big Brother Rebranded – Retroactive Justification of a Tory Agenda

The press is either smoking something or is taking it in the arm. For the past little while since the attacks in London, the UK Government has been touting sweeping new powers to “keep the public secure” which include massive surveillance over every aspect of our lives. The mainstream media have lapped this up as some new initiative to save us all.

The only problem is that the “new” powers proposed by Theresa May and her party are not new at all. The Tories and the media are attempting to frame the issue as a reactionary response to increased terrorism. This is a complete fallacy because ever since Theresa May was Home Secretary, she has never shut up about scrapping the Human Rights Act, withdrawing the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights and increasing surveillance of the ordinary person. This is therefore not reactionary but retroactively using increased terrorism to try and justify policies she has had since 2010.

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There are three things today which make the situation worse than when the Tories were first delivered to Westminster in 2010. These are increased terrorist incidents, Brexit and withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights.

We will start with the second and third issues. Theresa May has used everything from radical preachers to deportations to try and sway the public vote for the past seven years to favour these new big brother powers. Unfortunately, the only thing which has repeatedly stopped her from being able to pry into your personal affairs is the unalienable and fundamental rights guaranteed to every European citizen under Article 8 of the ECHR (Right to a private life). She has been prevented from going 1984 on our asses because the European courts have said that this is a direct violation of our civil liberties.

However, make no mistake, the Tory agenda is rich for the rich. Withdrawal from the European Convention has nothing to do with creating a fantastic new shiny bill of rights for UK citizens; it is about the Tories giving you only the rights that will not interfere with the biggest transfer of wealth in history and the ever increasing gap between rich and poor. Tax breaks for the rich and low wages for the common person. Brexit has given them the opportunity to bring out the iron fist by allowing them the ability to also pull us out of the European Court of Justice and scrapping of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Increased terrorism is just the latest excuse, but be under no illusion, the sweeping new powers have sod all to do with terrorism and more about the Tories ruling the post-brexit UK with an iron fist. Remember that this is a party that has no qualms about spying on ordinary citizens, they did after all spy on union leaders and MP’s from parties like the SNP during the 70’s and 80’s and more recently they have refused to rule out that they were spying on MSP’s and MP’s during the referendum on Scottish Independence.

I’m not just talking about whether you have a predilection towards girl-on-girl pornography or whether you decided to buy 10 bonsai trees from Amazon. this surveillance will be your phone calls, your texts, your social media profiles, your conversations, your bank records, your NHS records, your travel itineraries, your hotel bookings, your holiday snaps, your families personal information and more. All stored on data servers for years for the Tories to pry into every aspect of your life. We are talking information that while it could be used for the purposes of fighting crime, it will more than likely be abused to try and tell you what to think, but more disturbingly how to make you vote or choose in a certain way. It’s about “crushing the saboteurs”  which is code for “crushing anyone who disagrees with the Tory party”.

As for terrorist incidents, well they are just the latest in a long line of excuses to justify “new policies” which are in fact policies they have had for 7 years. The problem is that these powers will peer into every aspect of our lives and the difference between previous spying and what the Tories have planned post-brexit are that there will be no ECHR oversight and no protections to stop them going too far. George Orwells “1984” was intended to be a social commentary, I doubt even he would have thought it would be used as a f**king instruction manual.

What I will say is that if the Tories decide to go ahead with these changes, I make a promise to each and every one of you that I will be the first to send a court summons to Theresa May because for me, this is the proverbial camel that broke the straws back, never mind the other way around.

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