Hung Parliament? : We’re all F**cked!

So Yes! That just happened! Turkeys voted for Christmas, Chickens voted for the fox and a chunk of Scottish society decided to push the weak, vulnerable and elderly in Scotland in front of the train, and I am not talking about HS2. The fate of the UK is now in the hands of an arrogant bigoted minority of politicians with ties to the Orange Order and the DUP are there as well.

The arrogance and opportunism of a right-wing Tory Government, with a grandiose viewpoint of automatic self-entitlement, assumed that they should have not only their majority returned to the Commons but at the same time were entitled to an increase in that majority. We now find ourselves on a course which nobody can predict but which we can reasonably assume is going to feel like being metaphorically mauled by a bear on Lysergic acid diethylamide. But like every car-crash, we find ourselves in the diametrically opposing state of feeling where we simultaneously don’t want to watch what comes next but at the same time cannot look away. Perhaps the term Hung Parliament is more prophetic than we give it credit for. Another five years of the Tories is going to be the noose around our necks in everything from foreign affairs and international relations to monetary policy. If that’s not bad enough, those who decided to vote the Conservatives back into power have now created a circumstance where we are all in jeopardy.

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From the 70’s to the present day, the Tories have always done what they wanted, regardless of how it hurts the ordinary person but the one consistent thorn in their side has been the European Courts, the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights acting as a safety net against the Conservatives riding rough-shod over each one of us. The difference in 2017 compared to every other Tory Government since the days of the milk snatchers is that now we are on course to see the UK pulled out of the European Union and simultaneously the removal of the UK from the European Convention.

We have for many years always had the courts as a last ditched backup to Conservativism but now we face the prospect of the ECHR being kiboshed and replaced with the Conservatives as sole arbiters of our fundamental human rights, our freedoms and our birthright to be treated as human beings and not commodities to make the rich richer, a legacy built on the backs of the common man and woman.

I have been angry, irritated, saddened, annoyed, elated, happy, sad and depressed about politics over the years but this is the first time in my life I am genuinely scared about what the future will bring.

As a carer and as someone who is disabled, I work as a volunteer helping people who have had their benefits revoked by the DWP as a consequence of conservative policies. I understand both sides of the coin when it comes to the relentless attacks on our most vulnerable in society, and I have seen what the Tories have done while being restrained by Europe, I am genuinely frightened by the prospect of what comes next, not out of some superstitious or intangible feeling, but out of empirical evidence garnered from personal experience, most of which the ordinary member of the public is oblivious to in their daily lives. Understand, we are now all numbers on a balance sheet.

So what does last nights result mean?

Well with the conservatives holding 318 seats and forming an arrangement with the DUP’s 10 MP’s we now see something happening that we never expected. Rather than the fate of the UK being decided by the Majority of the Government MP’s, all of our fates will be at the mercy of the even more right wing DUP. 10 MP’s will decide the fate of every person in the UK.

The DUP found its 10 MPs playing a key role in helping Mrs May form a government after the Tories failed to win a majority in Thursday’s general election.

This is a worrying situation for several reasons. Firstly Scotland now finds itself in a position where Tories from England, Wales and the 10 MPs from the DUP in Northern Ireland can influence everything from the Scottish Block Grant to energy, education and health in Scotland simply by changing reserved powers at Westminster, this actively excludes the SNP from important matters through simple mathematics that are important to the constitutional arrangements of Scotland.

Secondly, the DUP now have a leg up on Sein Fein through primary legislation and while not technically illegal under the d’hondt power sharing system employed in the Northern Ireland Assembly because Westminster and the Assembly are completely separate entities, it is now possible for the DUP to take steps by holding the Tories to ransom in order to bypass and influence the assembly by simple manipulation of constitutional, economic and social policy in Westminster and contained in reserved legislation. In effect, the Tories have just given the DUP the power of manipulation and bypass over Sein Fein in Northern Ireland.

Like the arguments in the Scottish Parliament precipitated as a consequence of the actions of the Conservatives at Westminster, the same is likely to happen in Northern Ireland. Influence over Northern Irelands Assembly exerted by the DUP will no likely end up as a political powder keg, the political equivalent of the pot boiling over. What’s more, this could not have come at a worse time considering the ongoing argument, suspension of the assembly and the mudslinging currently going on in Northern Ireland. It also does not bode well for the massive arguments going on over Brexit, negotiations beginning in less than ten days and the unresolved issues between the border between Northern Ireland which will be in Brexit Britain and the Republic which will remain in the European Union.

The best case scenario is serious arguments in Northern Ireland, and the worst case could be a return to the conflicts of the past. There will also more than likely be a debate on the subject of Irish re-unification as we move closer to the conclusion of Brexit negotiations.

Make no mistake; the Tories are playing with fire over the future of Northern Ireland and any perceived participation of the DUP in Brexit negotiations which is not equally applied to Sein Fein is going to start a serious row. This of course not taking account that the Tories are effectively disenfranchising every person who voted Sein Fein in Northern Ireland. Let’s face it, the Prime Minister and conservatives idea of international relations is as strong and stable as wet pasta. One wrong word and it could have serious detrimental consequences for a fragile peace.

Then we turn to the biggest of all issues. With the commencement of Brexit negotiations in 10 days and Theresa May retroactively attempting to justify an iron fist security policy that she’s been touting since she was Home Secretary she is going to use any and all means to try and convince the electorate that the European Convention on Human Rights is somehow to blame for every problem that the UK has in terms of security. Shes going to use it to try and justify her position and to say that this is a new issue, when in fact it is what she has wanted all along, and now she just has an excuse to implement it.

Make no mistake, the Tories next step is to rip the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights, and it is not for protection, nor is it for economic or social advancement to somehow “free us” from some imaginary clutches of the imperialistic European Union. The Tories are the rich for the rich, and their policies reflect that. They will pursue with every fibre of their being a policy which will try to increase the money flowing into the coffers of those who own super-yachts and jumbo jets. They will refer to it as trickle down economics, the conservative idea that you make the rich richer and somehow that will trickle down to the common worker. This is complete and utter rubbish. The only thing “trickling” down is piss from a very great height, and the Tories won’t even have the courtesy of calling it rain. They will build this right wing utopian paradise on the backs of the common workers, low taxes for the rich and low wages for the 99%.

What makes the prospect of 5 years of the DUP influencing the Tories is that their record on everything from LGBT rights to the rights of the common worker is atrocious. You have the right wing and complete frigging bonkers! The problem is that while the Thatcher years were hell for the common man and women, they were nowhere near as bad as they could have been. That is because at least they were being watched by European Countries who would poke holes in their policies, more recently defending the rights of people through the European Courts. The myth perpetrated by the right wing is that everything was Europe’s fault and we somehow had all of these laws being dictated by Europe. The truth of the matter is that only 13% of the laws we have are derived and monitored by the European Courts and those rights are frigging important. Things like working time directives, the right to privacy, the right not to be tortured, the right to fair work for fair pay, the right to healthcare and the right to social security and a pension.

The Tories claim that the withdrawal from the European Convention will herald a new future for the Rights most applicable and tailored to UK citizens. What that means in simple terms is they will be tailored to what the Tories want you to have. In the next two years, you are going to see a charter of basic human rights enforced internationally being replaced by the Tories as sole arbiters of your fundamental human rights and civil liberties and if you are not scared by that prospect, you really should be. Think a scene from Oliver. Unless you have a bank balance in the millions, consider this a warning, the tories for another 5 years? We’re all f**ked!

When it comes to tories and what they will tell you, compared to what is actually the case when it comes to human rights legislation, you can wrap a turd in coconut, but you still can’t call it a snowball!

Take cover, Run Away, Duck! When the sh*t hits the fan, it is never evenly distributed!

I just wonder if we can somehow get the workers involved in the multi-billion pound refurbishment of Westminster Palace to brick up the doors and save us all.

As the Tory induced misery sets in, we in Scotland do have 2 get-out chances. We’ve been transported back in time and are stuck in the 1920’s as a consequence of last night’s general election result. The only two things that can save us are Independence from the UK or Doctor Who.

The Doctor, of course, being employed by the BBC and therefore has a vested interest in the status quo, will be as useful as a jam sandwich to a drowning rabbit… plan A it is then!

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