The Scottish Government should give Tory voters EXACTLY what they voted for – misery!

If You Support Conservative Policy You Should Be Willing To Live With It.

One of the major issues in this election has been the fact that we have the SNP as the incumbent government in Holyrood. Many of the policies like the Bedroom Tax and prescription charging, university fees etc. which are charged in England and Wales but are mitigated here in Scotland by the Scottish Government.

This has ultimately led to a situation where, ironically, those of a pro-union disposition are insulated from their own stupidity and it leaves the door open for the Tories in Scotland to simultaneously claim that their woes are a result of the SNP. In essence, the Scottish Governments attempts to mitigate Tory policy have created an atmosphere of complacency where the Scottish electorate actually doesn’t feel the effects of devastating conservative policy and as a consequence, it leaves the door open for the electorate to shoot themselves in the foot.

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The strain we are feeling on certain public services at the moment is as much about real term Tory cuts to the Scottish block grant as it is about the fact that money that should be going to the NHS and to public services is having to be pushed into mitigating the effects of what can only be described as evil austerity.

In a nutshell, people are inclined to vote conservative because they are being shielded from them by the opposition, namely the Scottish National Party. So the Scottish Governments compassion on mitigating such policies has effectively been to their own detriment. That is a ludicrous set of circumstances but eventually, the bow is going to break, the cradle is going to fall. There are only so many pounds in the piggy bank for the Scottish Government to spend and eventually, as new policies are created by the conservatives, the Scottish Government are going to reach a point where they can no longer mitigate.

The perfect demonstration of this is the child cap and rape clause on tax credits. The Tories broke it and Ruth Davidson in her usual arrogant style stood up in the Scottish Parliament and demanded that the Scottish Government mitigate it.

The dynamic between Westminster and Scottish Tories is an unusual one, in that in Westminster you have the conservatives creating socially unacceptable policies which are pushing millions into poverty, defended by their Scottish colleagues, but at the same time, the effects of such policies are then used by Ruth and Co to claim victimhood status and demand that the SNP fix it. The problem is that Scots who are ordinarily not politically active do not realise this is the case.

In essence, the Tory voters are not getting exactly what they voted for because if they were, it would wake them up to the reality of the situation.

So perhaps, while it may be a tad extreme, the solution is for those that voted Tory to get exactly what they voted for. Paid prescriptions, £9000 university fees, higher taxes, prescription fees and things like the bedroom tax. Perhaps if they got what they actually voted for and the SNP stopped playing nice, they would realise that they have made a serious mistake. Of course, the money saved in not mitigating Tory policies for their voters in Scotland could then be diverted to those who didn’t vote Tory and perhaps alleviate some strain on the Scottish budget in the process.

My father always used to tell me that you cannot save someone who does not wish to be saved, you can, however, stop them from pulling the person next to them off the bridge with them. Perhaps the best way to wake those up with a unionist disposition is to deliver to them exactly what they supported when they put the X in the box next to the local conservative candidates. Sometimes tough love is the only way forward. Afterall, they have no right to complain if you simply respect their democratic will and deliver them to the policies they support.


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