London Bound: Yes at Westminster

And so I and a contingent of the Indy crew are road-bound to London. On a bus with unite, our group of 20 sits travelling on a bus to challenge austerity, suffering and cruel treatment by the state of its citizens. Even amongst the limited number of 20 you can feel the spirit of the Yes Campaign, ripe and ready to go to Westminster and tell them to spin it.

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There is not parties on the bus, just one goal. The goal of challenging the Tories and their belligerent plan for Government. You can feel the air, it’s almost palpable.

But on this bus amongst the particular agenda you can feel the resurgence of the yes campaign bubbling beneath the surface. Then you realise that yes is not one party but instead, the grass roots. The inevitable conclusion then follows that we must be the ones to direct the yes campaign and not be led by politicians. If we move forward as one then we have the option to create a better future forr every man, women and child in Scotland.

Our crew today stand proudly from every walk of life behind the same banner, that of course being Yes. We are taking a journey together to protect Scotland from the Tories and we’re pushing the fact that Scottish Independence is not just the future for Scotland but would empower England to reshape the legislative system. We could be the trigger of the man in England finally being king in his castle.

We’re heading to London not just for yes but to challenge injustice, cruelty and incompetence. Theresa May – Expect us in 10 hours.

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