#ForwardAsOne Rally – Dunfermline 26th August 2017 – Update

Well, it has been an insane couple of weeks on the planning side for the March and Rally in Dunfermline but strangely smooth.

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We were requested to put on 3 buses on the following routes, which we have done with the stipulation that the buses much reach 90% full or they will be cancelled. This is due to the cost of the tickets covering the cost of the bus. The 3 routes are as follows:

Details and booking can be done on the Forward as One Homepage at www.forwardas.one/buses 



Applications for the day have all been accepted and we have been working with both the Council and Police Scotland to come up with a plan for the day. Police Scotland actually made our job a lot easier by insisting a 9am Temporary Traffic Restriction will be put in place. While it means we had to find some barriers for the day, it has ultimately meant that assembly for the march will be much easier.

With the plan for the March now fully nailed down (You can view it here) our thoughts have been on more practical matters.



The stage for the event is now booked and we also have our operations tent sorted.


Radio communications

We have arranged mobile radio communications for all marshals on the day on a short-term lease.


Public Liability Insurance

We are currently getting quotations for PLI from insurers.



We have a shortage of marshals and would appreciate anyone who can volunteer – you can do so here:  http://www.forwardas.one/volunteer/


Other ancillary kit

We are in the process of acquiring all of the usual stuff i.e. vests etc.


Medical Provision

We are looking for any first aiders who can volunteer for the day (although we are arranging hired first aiders).


Vehicles and Special Arrangements

We have made special arrangements for any car or motorcycle wishing to take part in the days events, including the march. You can read about them here and also register your vehicle here.  The freedom convoy are also planning a run from Dundee I believe, to the march and rally. So if you want to add a wee hurl to your trip then jump onto their event on facebook here:


Whats the story on these yes 2 flags then?

Well! Firstly, the Yes 2 Flags being sold are not affiliated in any way to any other part of the campaign. This is the original yes 2 design which I designed the day after the 2014 referendum on Independence. During the first batch they were sold at cost (£1.19) each and over 1000 of them were sold. They were purchased for £1.19 each (Total £1190) and sold for that price. The batch made a loss of £298 due to customs charges and the fact that 200 of them were donated for free to the Yes Shop in Dunfermline and the Yes Cafe in Edinburgh for them to sell at a higher markup to help them contribute to operating costs.

£580 of the cost of the manufacturing was not reclaimed but instead donated to several charities.

The second batch (the one on sale now) is a joint venture between myself and Suzanne Brooks. Total cost was £1160 for manufacturing. 500 of the flags are being sold on behalf of Suzanne, she will reclaim her £580 and any profit on the flags is given to charities and food banks. The other 500 will not see the manufacturing cost reclaimed by myself but instead, all revenue generated will be donated to the forward as one rally. So rather than donations for the operating costs of the day, yessers get a flag.

The current batch is being sold through Ayemail.scot which has a great reputation for logistics (they did all of the mailings for the week blue book etc). Basically, they have the stock, you order from them directly, they package and send out to whoever buys then and then we get the remainder of the money back. Normally you get them within the week. The cost of a flag is £6.00. From each one, we get back £4.33 per flag. So for the 500 flags being sold for the rally, we would generate £2165 for the rally. That’s more than enough to cover the stage, PA and some other ancillary costs.

Please note, we only derive this from our flags, not any of the other, which you can get here: https://www.ayemail.scot/store/?model_number=YES2-FLAG

So in other words, you are not only funding a rally but also helping food banks, charities and you have yourself a flag to wave as well 🙂


Objections to the Rally

We have had only one objection to the Rally which was from a conservative council, however, after our response in Writing to the objection it was subsequently withdrawn.




Sponsored - This minimal revenue ad helps to pay for the hosting of this site.