Never Mind Saboteurs! May and Co are arsonists!

The Great Repeal Bill has precipitated a constitutional crisis between Holyrood and Westminster and will “lead to chaos” if it goes ahead as currently planned, Scotland’s Brexit minister has warned.

Michael Russell said he believed MPs plan to use so-called Henry VIII powers to decide what is devolved and what is not.

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He also reiterated a warning from Nicola Sturgeon that the Scottish Government would not grant legislative consent for the bill as it stands because it takes EU powers back to Westminster, rather than Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The First Minister has described the vital Brexit legislation as a “naked power grab” while David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, insists it will ultimately result in a powers “bonanaza” for the Scottish Parliament (Yeah! Right! We have heard that before – Full Fiscal Autonomy, Home Rule, The Vow, EVEL, Shipbuilding, DWP jobs et al!). Basically what we have here is another example of Westminster pissing on us and the Scotland Office suitably funded to brand it as “rain”.

Who knew westminsters panic over Scotland would show on a balance sheet: Scotland Office

Published earlier this week, it is designed to transpose EU law into British law so that the same rules still apply on the day that Brexit happens.

It includes a provision to use “Henry VIII powers” to pass up to 1,000 pieces of secondary legislation without close parliamentary scrutiny. In other words the Tories are going to be able to pass 1000 pieces of Legislation without parliamentary oversight and without the EU looking over their shoulders. A conservative party with no oversight that will be sole arbiters of your fundamental human rights and fundamental freedoms. Be afraid!

Officially the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill,  would mean all powers, including those over fishing and agriculture, going to the UK Government before being devolved on to Edinburgh once common frameworks have been established on a UK basis.

 ut Mr Russell insisted the transfer should happen the other way round. He said that for the SNP to support the vital Brexit legislation, there would have to be an acceptance that “in all areas of devolved competence, the powers that presently exist in Europe will come back to the devolved administrations, to Scotland, to Wales and Northern Ireland”.

He added: “Then there can be a discussion about frameworks that can move forward. Without that happening then not only is it unacceptable and it goes against devolution in its entirety, it’s unworkable because you are going to enter into a complete mess where up until now there is a list of things that are devolved and a list of things that are reserved.

“Now, there will be areas which are neither or both, and decisions will be made by UK ministers without consulting the Scottish Parliament or the government on matters that are actually devolved. That is unacceptable and it would lead to chaos.”

He has written to MSPs asking them to support the Scottish Government’s position and claims Scotland “risks having to fight for powers that should rightfully belong to the Scottish Parliament”.

He added: “I think we are in a constitutional crisis and that crisis becomes worse if this takes place.

“It essentially means we have a situation where Scotland has said, and its parliament has said, one thing and the UK parliament has simply overruled it.”

His criticisms were dismissed by Ian Duncan, the Scotland Office Minister, who said the repeal bill was designed to ensure that on day one “we are able to function as a country”. Of course the Scotland office also put out information saying Scotland was heading for recession last week, then this week when it was announced Scotlands growth was 4 times the UK’s average, they tried to take credit for it even though most of the growth came from devolved strategies.

He then went on to say: “If the Scottish Parliament failed to pass a legislative consent motion it would “would cause absolute fear and concern in every possible aspect of the industrial sector, from farmers and fishermen, producers of energy, small business”. This one statement says it all really – its back to project fear (their name for better together, not ours). In essence the Scotland Office are trying to say “hand all power over to the Tories at Westminster without oversight or we will scare the crap out of the population”.

All of this means only one thing, either the UK Government are too stupid to realise the damage they are causing to the UK or they are so beligerent that they know exactly they damage they are doing to themselves. That makes May & Co intentional arsonists to the UK Consitutional Framework and the Scotland Office must be their equivelant of the worlds worst funded fire department!

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