You’re a republican! No! Im a Nopublican! I won’t be watching the bridge being opened!

The new Queensferry Crossing will be officially opened by the Queen on September 4.

The ceremony on both sides of the £1.35bn bridge will be held 53 years to the day since the monarch opened the Forth Road Bridge.

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It will include a welcome address by the First Minister and a blessing by the moderator of General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

A specially commissioned poem will be read by Scotland’s poet, while there will be performances by Scottish musicians.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “It is very fitting that the Queensferry Crossing will be officially opened by the Queen” and that’s the point in the article where I decided, Nope! I won’t be going to see that!

You’re a Republican!

Most people like to confuse my stern views on the whole rich/poor debate as though I was some staunch Republican that is calling for the beheading of royals, a twisted viewpoint that is based on nothing more than their own staunch pro-monarch position rather than what I actually say.

The truth is that Betty Britain is no more important to me than Joe Bloggs I meet on the street. My life is consumed with my family, friends and those I help or interact with. So my viewpoint on the Queen, because I never interact with her is that she simply does not factor into my daily life.

My problem with the monarch is social class and of course money. I have no problem with their being some form of the monarch, but their position should not afford them any more respect in my eyes as the man who breaks his back working 60 hours a week in a hard labour job.

I often ask myself the question “Why should I, as a normal person, be directed by a royal” and the answer I always come back to is “I shouldn’t”. Lets face it, all they have is an accumulation of stolen assets garnered over centuries from common people. That’s not to say that the current monarch engages in such activities to the same level as her predecessors but none the less, the royal estates are just that, the transfer of wealth from the common people to one core group consumed by the acquisition of other peoples wealth. The Royals, although they like to take credit for things have actually never created anything in their lives. They give a command and it is then for someone else to carry it out. They take but they create nothing, and yet we live in a constitutional system which expects me, simply due to the geographical location of where I was born, to get down on one knee and pledge allegiance to someone who is through family ties, directly responsible for denying the working class certain freedoms. To me the Royals are just a group of bankers, concerned with the transfer and aquisition of other peoples wealth by betting against them on the financial markets.

My main aggravation with the Royals is that while everyone I know is off grafting their rear ends off day in and day out, a proportion of their tax is going to pay for the royals living the high life. This only re-enforces the statement I made earlier. Why should I as a common person seek to bend a knee to someone who takes my money which would be better spent on the NHS or other public services and then proceeds to rub that fact in my face? The answer is that I shouldn’t because when you strip away the royal cloaks and suits and remove the multi-billion pound crown that the queen wears while simultaneously telling me that my family will have to endure more austerity, she’s just a person, no more or no less important than the afore mentioned Joe Bloggs.

My biggest bug bear though was in the Borders where I was brought up. Every single time my father wanted to build something on our land we were told “it’s not really your land” and not only do you need planning permission from the council (which is no problem because that just ensures the structure is safe) but you also have to pay a fee to the local Duke. Why am I having to pay a duke or a lord to build on my own land? What value has he brought to that new patio in my back garden? Nothing!

Do not even get me started on the fact that the Queen has the power to intervene in every single bit of legislation being passed through the Commons!

So in a nutshell, I am not a republican, I am a no publican. My views are based on the fact that money or no money, one person is not better than another, regardless of how vast their wealth may be. I as a person certainly should not have to endure automatically being forced to pay homage to a rich person who rubs said money in my face every chance they get, adds no value to my life or that of my family and ultimately diverts important resources away from public services to pay to keep them in a great lifestyle.

I have no problem with there being a monarchy, but they should pay for their own lavish lifestyle, they should not have property and land rights or ownership that the common man or woman doesn’t have and they certainly shouldn’t have any power over constitutional or legislative matters.

So I will not be attending the queensferry opening, not because it’s a royal opening it, but because it is a rich person who thinks they deserve more than the hard workers that actually built the bridge itself, being paid for by those very same workers. The bridge is a testament to the hard work of thousands of ordinary workers, not some photo opportunity for those living a lavish lifestyle who think themselves better than the common worker. They have added no value to it’s design or construction ergo they should not have the right to claim the privilege of opening it. In my view, such a privilege should have been done by lottery amongst those who built it and the bridge opened by the same men and women who broke their backs building it.

In my own view, as a sign of respect, I would put forward the proposal that the family or a friend of the man who was killed building the bridge should have the honour of opening it and that the plaque on the bridge should forever have a note of remembrance for the man. I feel this should be the case because it took 125 years for a plaque of remembrance to be erected on the Forth Rail Bridge honouring the men who died building it.


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